danger (plural dangers)

  1. (Obsolete): Power to harm; subjection or liability to penalty. See In one"s danger, below.
    "You stand within his danger, do you not?" (Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice, 4:1:180)
  2. (Obsolete): Difficulty; sparingness.
  3. (Obsolete): Coyness; disdainful behavior.
  4. (Obsolete): A place where one is in the hands of the enemy.
  5. Exposure to liable harm.
    "Danger is a good teacher, and makes apt scholars" (Hazlitt, Table talk).
  6. An instance or cause of liable harm.
    "Two territorial questions..unsettled..each of which was a positive danger to the peace of Europe" (Times, 5 Sept. 3/2).
  7. Mischief.
    "We put a Sting in him, / That at his will he may doe danger with" (Shakespeare, Julius Ceasar, 2:1:17).

6 letters in word "danger": A D E G N R.

Anagrams of danger:

Words found within danger:

ad ae ag age aged agen ager an and ane anger ar ard are ared areg da dae dag dan dang dare darg darn de dean dear dearn den denar dern drag dreg ea ean ear eard earn ed egad en end eng er era erg ern gad gade gae gaed gaen gan gane gar gare gean gear ged gen gena gnar grad grade gran grand gren na nae nag nard nare ne near ned neg nerd rad rade radge rag ragde rage raged ran rand rang range re read rean red redan reg regna ren rend renga

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